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CATRIN – CRH is a science center where researchers focus on plant research and the development of plant biotechnologies. Since 2020, it has been a part of the university research institute at Palacký University Olomouc – Czech Institute of Research and Advanced Technologies (CATRIN). It builds on the experience and results of the Center of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research, which was built between 2010 and 2013.

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M. Mirzaee, Z. Osmani, J. Frébortová and I. Frébort
"Recent advances in molecular farming using monocot plants",
BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVANCES, article no. 107913, 2022.
IF = 14.227
A. Mičúchová, V. Piačková, I. Frébort and T. Korytář
"Molecular farming: Expanding the field of edible vaccines for sustainable fish aquaculture",
REVIEWS IN AQUACULTURE, Article in press, 2022.
IF = 10.592
N. De Diego and L. Spíchal
"Presence and future of plant phenotyping approaches in biostimulant research and development",
IF = 7.298
M. Gonin, K. Jeong, Y. Coudert, J. Lavarenne, G. T. Hoang, M. Bes, H. T. M. To, M. N. Thiaw, T. V. Do, D. Moukouanga, S. Guyomarc`h, K. Bellande, J. Brossier, B. Parizot, H. T. Nguyen, T. Beeckman, V. Bergougnoux, J. Rouster, C. Sallaud, L. Laplaze, A. Champion and P. Gantet
"CROWN ROOTLESS1 binds DNA with a relaxed specificity and activates OsROP and OsbHLH044 genes involved in crown root formation in rice",
THE PLANT JOURNAL, vol. 111, iss. 2, pp. 546-566, 2022.
IF = 7.091
J. Nisler, Z. Pěkná, R. Končitíková, P. Klimeš, A. Kadlecová, N. Murvanidze, S. P. O. Werbrouck, L. Plačková, D. Kopečný, D. Zalabák, L. Spíchal and M. Strnad
"Cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase inhibitors: first extension - outlook for selectivity and high efficiency",
JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, article in press, 2022.
IF = 6.992
S. Ćavar Zeljković, E. Schadich, P. Džubák, M. Hajdúch and P. Tarkowski
"Antiviral Activity of Selected Lamiaceae Essential Oils and Their Monoterpenes Against SARS-Cov-2",
FRONTIERS IN PHARMACOLOGY, vol. 13, article no. 893634, 2022.
IF = 5.81
N. Glanz-Idan, M. Lach, P. Tarkowski, O. Vrobel and S. Wolf
"Delayed Leaf Senescence by Upregulation of Cytokinin Biosynthesis Specifically in Tomato Roots",
FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, vol. 13, article no. 922106, 2022.
IF = 5.754
B. Hussain, B. A. Akpınar, M. Alaux, A. M. Algharib, D. Sehgal, Z. Ali, G. I. Aradottir, J. Batley, A. Bellec, A. R. Bentley, H. B. Cagirici, L. Cattivelli, F. Choulet, J. Cockram, F. Desiderio, P. Devaux, M. Dogramaci, G. Dorado, S. Dreisigacker, D. Edwards, K. El-Hassouni, K. Eversole, T. Fahima, M. Figueroa, S. Gálvez, K. S. Gill, L. Govta, A. Gul, G. Hensel, P. Hernandez, L. A. Crespo-Herrera, A. Ibrahim, B. Kilian, V. Korzun, T. Krugman, Y. Li, S. Liu, A. F. Mahmoud, A. Morgounov, T. Muslu, F. Naseer, F. Ordon, E. Paux, D. Perovic, G. V. P. Reddy, J. C. Reif, M. Reynolds, R. Roychowdhury, J. Rudd, T. Z. Sen, S. Sukumaran, B. S. Ozdemir, V. K. Tiwari, N. Ullah, T. Unver, S. Yazar, R. Appels and H. Budak
"Capturing Wheat Phenotypes at the Genome Level",
FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, vol. 13, article no. 851079, 2022.
IF = 5.754
E. Karalija, S. Dahija, P. Tarkowski and S. Ć. Zeljković
"Influence of Climate-Related Environmental Stresses on Economically Important Essential Oils of Mediterranean Salvia sp.",
FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, vol. 13, article no. 864807, 2022.
IF = 5.754

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