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CATRIN – CRH is a science center where researchers focus on plant research and the development of plant biotechnologies. Since 2020, it has been a part of the university research institute at Palacký University Olomouc – Czech Institute of Research and Advanced Technologies (CATRIN). It builds on the experience and results of the Center of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research, which was built between 2010 and 2013.

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P. Patil, Q. Zheng, K. Kurpiewsk and A. Dömling
"The isocyanide SN2 reaction",
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 14, iss. 1, pp. 5807, 2023.
IF = 14.919
V. Radchuk, Z. M. Belew, A. Gündel, S. Mayer, A. Hilo, G. Hensel, R. Sharma, K. Neumann, S. Ortleb, S. Wagner, A. Muszynska, C. Crocoll, D. Xu, I. Hoffie, J. Kumlehn, J. Fuchs, F. F. Peleke, J. J. Szymanski, H. Rolletschek, H. H. Nour-Eldin and L. Borisjuk
"SWEET11b transports both sugar and cytokinin in developing barley grains",
THE PLANT CELL, Article in press, 2023.
IF = 12.085
R. Danieli, S. Assouline, B. B. Salam, O. Vrobel, P. Teper‐Bamnolker, E. Belausov, D. Granot, P. Tarkowski and D. Eshel
"Chilling induces sugar and ABA accumulation that antagonistically signals for symplastic connection of dormant potato buds",
PLANT, CELL & ENVIRONMENT, vol. , iss. , pp. , 2023.
IF = 7.947
J. Bělíček, E. Ľuptáková, D. Kopečný, J. Frömmel, A. Vigouroux, S. Ćavar Zeljković, F. Jagic, P. Briozzo, D. J. Kopečný, P. Tarkowski, J. Nisler, N. De Diego, S. Moréra and M. Kopečná
"Biochemical and structural basis of polyamine, lysine and ornithine acetylation catalyzed by spermine/spermidine N ‐acetyl transferase in moss and maize",
THE PLANT JOURNAL, vol. 114, iss. 3, pp. 482-498, 2023.
IF = 7.091
M. Khodaeiaminjan, D. Knoch, M. R. Ndella Thiaw, C. F. Marchetti, N. Kořínková, A. Techer, T. D. Nguyen, J. Chu, V. Bertholomey, I. Doridant, P. Gantet, A. Graner, K. Neumann and V. Bergougnoux
"Genome-wide association study in two-row spring barley landraces identifies QTL associated with plantlets root system architecture traits in well-watered and osmotic stress conditions",
FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, vol. 14, article no. 1125672, 2023.
IF = 6.627
M. F. Hamdan, G. Hensel, A. Alok and B. C. Tan
"Editorial: Genome editing and biotechnological advances for crop improvement and future agriculture",
FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE, vol. 14, article no. 1132821, 2023.
IF = 6.627
M. Motyka, S. V. Kazantsev, D. Kusy, E. E. Perkovsky, S. Yamamoto and L. Bocak
"Eocene aposematic patterns persist in modern European Lycidae beetles despite the absence of co-mimics",
ISCIENCE, vol. 26, iss. 3, pp. 106217, 2023.
IF = 6.107
A. Pavlovič, O. Vrobel and P. Tarkowski
"Water Cannot Activate Traps of the Carnivorous Sundew Plant Drosera capensis: On the Trail of Darwin’s 150-Years-Old Mystery",
PLANTS, vol. 12, iss. 9, pp. 1820, 2023.
IF = 4.658
J. B. Šenkyřík, T. Křivánková, D. Kaczorová and N. Štefelová
"Investigation of the Effect of the Auxin Antagonist PEO-IAA on Cannabinoid Gene Expression and Content in Cannabis sativa L. Plants under In Vitro Conditions",
PLANTS, vol. 12, iss. 8, pp. 1664, 2023.
IF = 4.658
S. Ćavar Zeljković, N. Štefelová, K. Hron, I. Doležalová and P. Tarkowski
"Preharvest Abiotic Stress Affects the Nutritional Value of Lettuce",
AGRONOMY, vol. 13, iss. 2, pp. 398, 2023.
IF = 3.949
R. Ben Saad, W. Ben Romdhane, N. Baazaoui, M. T. Bouteraa, A. Ben Hsouna, A. Mishra and S. Ćavar Zeljković
"Assessment of the Cadmium and Copper Phytoremediation Potential of the Lobularia maritima Thioredoxin 2 Gene Using Genetically Engineered Tobacco",
AGRONOMY, vol. 13, iss. 2, pp. 399, 2023.
IF = 3.949
Y. Krasylenko, A. Hýlová, Y. Sosnovsky, M. Ulbrichová, L. Spíchal and R. Piwowarczyk
"Seed germination of Cistanche armena (Orobanchaceae), a rare endangered holoparasitic species endemic to Armenia",
SEED SCIENCE RESEARCH, Article in press, 2023.
IF = 1.585

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