Partnership & Networking

European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB)

CATRIN-CRH is the Regional Branch Office (RBO) of the European Federation of Biotechnology, a non-profit organization bringing together national biotechnology companies, scientific societies and institutes, universities, biotechnology firms and individuals. The EFB promotes the safe, sustainable and beneficial use of fundamental research and innovation in biological sciences and provides scope for interdisciplinary and international cooperation. The Green for Good conference on plant biotechnology, held once every two years in Olomouc, is one of the platforms. The most important guests included the world’s leading expert on chemical ecology, John Pickett from Great Britain, and the World Food Award winner Marc van Montagu. The Head of CATRIN-CRH, Ivo Frébort, is the vice-president of the EFB and manages one of its divisions called Plants, Agriculture and Food.