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CATRIN management representatives went networking to Benelux

Presentation of research results as well as discussing possibilities of cooperation with academic and commercial partners were part of the “nano tour” in Benelux, which was attended by CATRIN management representatives in the last week of March. Besides attending meetings and seminars at the embassies in Luxembourg, Brussels and The Hague, they also visited the IMEC research institute in Leuven, which is active in the field of nanoelectronics and digital technologies.

The aim of the presentation and networking event Nano Technologies 2022 was to present the strength and potential of the Czech Republic in the development of new nanotechnologies and their application in practice in the Benelux countries. The joint project of the three Embassies of the Czech Republic in the Benelux countries, which took place within the economic and scientific diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, kicked off with an expert seminar at the premises of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Luxembourg. It was attended by representatives of agencies supporting innovation and the development of economic relations between the two countries, academia and companies. This was followed by a similar seminar at the Prague House in Brussels, where representatives of the European Commission also joined the debate.

From Brussels, the scientists proceeded to the IMEC research institute, which is a leader in research and development in Belgium and globally in transferring scientific innovations into industrial solutions. It employs over 5000 staff from 95 countries.

“During our visit to IMEC we identified a huge potential for mutual cooperation. We also visited local laboratories requiring a special cleanroom regime for semiconductor development, which are the largest of their kind in the world. We plan to cooperate in research on graphene derivatives and new energy technologies,” said Radek Zbořil, Scientific Director of CATRIN-RCPTM.

The final day of the programme was organised by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It hosted an event aimed at presenting the current achievements in this high-tech area to relevant Dutch companies and institutions and at establishing contacts between the Czech mission participants and their potential Dutch partners.

“In the subsequent lively discussion, they were not only able to exchange experiences from the implementation of their own research and the pitfalls of its commercialisation, but also pre-arrange cooperation on joint research projects with financial support from both countries’ grant programmes as well as from the relevant EU funds,” the Czech Embassy in The Hague states on its website.

“In addition to the crucial visit to the IMEC research centre, which brought a number of opportunities for mutual cooperation with CATRIN, the meeting with representatives of the European Commission and members of the scientific diplomacy of the three Embassies of the Czech Republic in Benelux, especially with the Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, Mr. Pavel Klucký, was highly beneficial,” summarised the benefits of the event CATRIN Director Pavel Banáš.

The trip was also attended by representatives of CEITEC/VUT, Technical University of Liberec and members of the Association of the Nanotechnology Industry of the Czech Republic.

Martina Šaradínová
Karolina Zavoralová
April 4, 2022