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Michal and Rostislav Langer are Talents of the year

PhD students Michal and Rostislav Langer, who work in the Carbon Nanostructures, Biomolecules and Simulations research group at CATRIN, have received Talent of the Year award. The award is given by the City of Ostrava to students whose common denominator is excellent study results, work in research teams and publication of scientific papers. This year, the award went to 10 students residing in Ostrava who study at universities in the Czech Republic and abroad.

“The Talent of the Year award is the biggest achievement of my career so far. It shows the hard work during my studies and especially my cutting-edge research, which would not have been possible without the support and cooperation with CATRIN. I am grateful and would like to thank Professor Michal Otyepka for the opportunity to participate in many projects. I would also like to thank my mentor, Associate Professor Piotr Błonski, for his guidance and approach. This award motivates me to work on myself and to continue to participate in world research,” commented Rostislav Langer on the award.

His brother Michal is also happy about the recognition. “I appreciate the Talent of the Year title immensely. It is a clear proof not only of my determination and passion for science and education in general, but it also shows the high level of Professor Michal Otyepka’s scientific group,” he said. Both PhD students have a number of international stays and high quality publications to their credit.

Source: Magistrát města Ostravy

The Talent of the Year program replaced the long-standing Ostrava City Scholarship project. Thanks to the financial support, students can intensively devote themselves to their studies, research and all related activities. According to the organizers, all the awarded students have perfect academic results and inspiring life stories.

Applications for the program were accepted until the end of October 2021. A total of 28 students applied, including 6 students at bachelor’s or master’s level and 22 students at doctoral level. The submissions were reviewed by the Education, Science and Research Committee and the Deputy Mayor for Education and Sport. Experts evaluated the students’ academic achievements, publications, scientific achievements and activities beneficial for the society.

Martina Šaradínová
Karolina Zavoralová
June 13, 2022