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Nanocon 2022 will focus on nanomedicine

Latest scientific and technological challenges in nanomedicine will be the central theme of Nanocon 2022—the largest international conference of its kind in Central Europe, which will take place from 19 to 21 October in Brno. Radek Zbořil is the guarantor of the programme, as in previous years. CATRIN will be strongly represented in the programme sections, with, for example, Štěpán Kment being among the invited speakers.

“Thanks to a long-term collaboration with colleagues from the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Barcelona, one of the world leaders in the field of nanomaterials for biosensors, Arben Merkoçi will give a plenary talk. Another very important guest will be Jean Francois Berret from the University of Paris, an expert on nanotechnologies used in medicine, biology and the environment,” said Radek Zbořil.

The conference programme is divided into four programme sections focused on nanomaterials for electronic, magnetic, and optic applications; their industrial and environmental applications; bionanotechnologies and nanomaterials in medicine; as well as advanced methods of nanomaterials preparation and characterization. There will be also a poster section and a workshop as part of the programme.

NANOCON is an international conference organized by TANGER and the Czech Society for New Materials and Technologies. It is the first conference in the Czech Republic focused solely on nanomaterials, their research, applications, and potential impact on the environment and human health. It connects various research communities and provides direct contact with industry. The history of the conference dates back to 2009. Detailed information including the programme is available at

Martina Šaradínová
Monika Klimparová
October 14, 2022