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Rector awards non-academic staff

The newly introduced award, which is intended to highlight the work of non-academic staff, was announced for the first time on Tuesday, December 20, by Rector of Palacký University Martin Procházka. Following Director Banáš’ nomination, the award was also handed out to Head of the Grants Office Andrea Nogová, and PR coordinator Martina Šaradínová from CATRIN.

According to the university’s management, the purpose of the award is primarily to highlight the indispensable role of technical-administrative staff and manual workers in supporting the university’s educational and research activities, while remembering the position of Palacký University as one of the largest employers in the Olomouc Region.

“We may sometimes have a tendency to take their work for granted, but I am convinced that the university could not do without the contribution of these employees. It is important to remember this. I believe that we will succeed in establishing a new tradition and that this occasion is a clear message to people working in these positions that our university values their work,” said Martin Procházka, The UP Rector.

Faculties, the research institute and the Rector’s Office, including other university units nominated two representatives each. “I very much welcome that Palacký University has decided to present such an award. I think it is a step in the right direction. I very much appreciate that I was nominated by the CATRIN Director and that the nomination was also confirmed by the university management. It is a great motivation for the future,” said Andrea Nogová.

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Romana Kotulková
Monika Klimparová
December 21, 2023