Researchers’ Night Attracted Visitors with Scientific Experiments and Excursions to Labs - Catrin

Researchers’ Night Attracted Visitors with Scientific Experiments and Excursions to Labs

Several hundred visitors came to the Researchers’ Night event organized by CATRIN on Friday, Sept. 30. Children as well as adults seized the opportunity to explore the laboratories, get new insights into natural sciences, and test their senses in a number of interesting experiments.

“Everything was very interesting and our science popularizers entertained the visitors with great enthusiasm. We managed to show the general public what we are dedicated to at CATRIN, also in a way engaging for children. This is very important and I thank all those who participated in the organization, as well as our visitors,” said CATRIN director, Pavel Banáš.

The programme was shaped around this year’s motto: ‘All the Senses’. Those interested could feel at first hand the heat of the fire and the cold of liquid nitrogen, alongside tasting flour worms and other ‘insect snacks’, testing the sense of smell on aromatic essences or herbs, hearing the barking of hydrogen, seeing the larva of the rose chafer or learning about natural dyes. Visitors learned about why it is important to edit the genome of economically important crops using modern targeted methods or how barley can be turned into a ‘factory’ for antibacterial cathelicidin. There was also a photo corner in which children and adults could turn into scientists.  A four-meter model of the planet Mars, which was lent out by the Observatory and Planetarium Brno, was another highlight.

“I’m glad everyone was able to choose in the programme. The kids were excited about the bugs and fire experiments, and my husband and I finally know more about nanomaterials,” said Kateřina Ludvíková with a smile.

Other faculties of Palacký University and the University Hospital were also opened as part of the event. The Olomouc Researchers’ Night regularly attracts up to 6,000 visitors.

Martina Šaradínová
Monika Klimparová
October 5, 2022