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Technologies from CATRIN presented in Africa

The results of CATRIN research, especially plant biostimulants and technology for water purification using iron nanoparticles, have been presented on the African continent by Jaroslav Nisler. In mid-June, he participated in the business mission of the Confederation of Industry and Transport of the Czech Republic to Angola and Zambia, accompanying the Minister of Foreign Affairs Jan Lipavský on his official visit to both countries.

“I presented some of our results, which could be used in this region, to the representatives of local companies. In particular, the technology for water purification using iron nanoparticles attracted a lot of attention,” said Jaroslav Nisler.

The aim of the mission was to establish possible business cooperation in the fields of agriculture, healthcare, mining or energy with a focus on green energy. A CATRIN representative from Palacký University attended business forums in the capitals of both countries.

“It was the first experience of its kind for me and I must say that it was very beneficial. At specialized conferences, I usually attend, colleagues and representatives of companies from Africa are not often present. I also learnt about other possibilities, with whom and how to connect if you are interested in international cooperation in the field of transferring research results into practice. Including the newly developing Science Diplomacy Unit at the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is good to find out how our state administration works in this area and that there is a group of young professionals who are dedicated to this issue,” the scientist added.

Angola is strategically located on the south-west African coast and is the sixth largest economy in sub-Saharan Africa. Industries that may be of interest to Czech companies include energy, engineering, transport and infrastructure, the agricultural and food industries, the medical and pharmaceutical industries and the defence industry. Zambia, on the other hand, ranks among the least developed countries, but has great potential due to its natural and mineral wealth.

Martina Šaradínová
Karolina Zavoralová
June 27, 2023