The article in Advanced Materials is among the top ten most-read - Catrin

The article in Advanced Materials is among the top ten most-read

The co-authors of the article ‘Covalent Graphene-MOF Hybrids for High-Performance Asymmetric Supercapacitors’ received great news from the Editorial Office of Advanced Materials. The study, which this prestigious journal published in January last year, has been ranked among its top ten most-read articles.

The article is the result of collaboration between scientists from CATRIN and the Technical University of Munich, who have long combined the properties of two unique classes of carbon materials— graphene derivatives and metal organic frameworks (MOF)—for various applications. This time they prepared a material that shows excellent properties for use in the field of so-called supercapacitors. For covalent bonding, they used graphene acid, that is, graphene chemically modified by carboxyl groups, and a zircon-based metal organic framework with free amino groups. In a new type of supercapacitor, this hybrid was applied as an anode, and as a cathode they used another low-dimensional titanium carbide-based material from the so-called MXens class. Such an asymmetrical supercapacitor allows the energy density to reach over 70 Wh/kg, thus approaching or even surpassing the properties of commercially available systems.

According to the WoS database, the article has 53 citations and 65 references.

Martina Šaradínová
Monika Klimparová
June 21, 2022