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Recombinant Protein Engineering

Prof. RNDr. Ivo Frébort, CSc., Ph.D.
Group Leader
Phone +420 585 634 922
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The research group focuses on development of methods for the production of important proteins and peptides or their functional constructs using protein engineering and recombinant technology. The aim is to transfer the production of prepared recombinant proteins from common bacterial systems to barley, which serves as a “bioreactor”, and to develop high-capacity molecular farming technologies. Using genetically modified barley, researchers have developed a process for large-scale production of cathelicidin – a peptide that is part of the human immune system and acts as a natural antibiotic. The researchers strive to increase the amount of peptide produced in the plant and, above all, to minimize the costs associated with its production and isolation. Other emerging projects include the preparation of recombinant antigens for African swine fever virus or for selected viruses infecting aquaculture fish.

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