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Mgr. Lukáš Spíchal, Ph.D.
Group leader
Phone +420 585 634 855
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The aim of the research group Phenotyping UP is development and application of methods of automated, non-invasive phenotyping for monitoring of environmental interactions of plants in controlled and field conditions. We are focused on the implementation of innovative hardware and software tools allowing more efficient selection of new technologies for agricultural and biotechnology. Phenotype plasticity of model plants and crops is studied using indoor phenotyping platform equiped with RGB, fluorescence, multispectral and thermal imaging sensors in controlled conditions allowing simulation of broad spectrum of stress factors, as well as in the field conditions using remote sensing with drones (UAV). We are using advanced methods of image analysis and big data processing through multivariant statistical approaches and implementing methods of machine learning. Further interest of our group is also the use of high-throughput screening bioassays to search for new molecules and biostimulants with biological activity applicable in the way of agrocehmicals and products with commercial potential, and studies of their mode of action.