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A. B. Tesler, S. Kolle, L. H. Prado, I. Thievessen, D. Böhringer, M. Backholm, B. Karunakaran, H. A. Nurmi, M. Latikka, L. Fischer, S. Stafslien, Z. M. Cenev, J. V. I. Timonen, M. Bruns, A. Mazare, U. Lohbauer, S. Virtanen, B. Fabry, P. Schmuki, R. H. A. Ras, J. Aizenberg and W. H. Goldmann
"Long-term stability of aerophilic metallic surfaces underwater",
NATURE MATERIALS, vol. 22, iss. 12, pp. 1548-1555, 2023.
IF = 47.656
A. Cheruvathoor Poulose, G. Zoppellaro, I. Konidakis, E. Serpetzoglou, E. Stratakis, O. Tomanec, M. Beller, A. Bakandritsos and R. Zbořil
"Reply to: Primary role of photothermal heating in light-driven reduction of nitroarenes",
NATURE NANOTECHNOLOGY, vol. 18, iss. 4, pp. 327-328, 2023.
IF = 40.523
M. Opatíková, D. A. Semchonok, D. Kopečný, P. Ilík, P. Pospíšil, I. Ilíková, P. Roudnický, S. Ć. Zeljković, P. Tarkowski, F. L. Kyrilis, F. Hamdi, P. L. Kastritis and R. Kouřil
"Cryo-EM structure of a plant photosystem II supercomplex with light-harvesting protein Lhcb8 and α-tocopherol",
NATURE PLANTS, vol. 9, iss. 8, pp. 1359-1369, 2023.
IF = 17.352
Z. Wang, S. Shaabani, X. Gao, Y. L. D. Ng, V. Sapozhnikova, P. Mertins, J. Krönke and A. Dömling
"Direct-to-biology, automated, nano-scale synthesis, and phenotypic screening-enabled E3 ligase modulator discovery",
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 14, iss. 1, pp. 8437, 2023.
IF = 14.919
P. Patil, Q. Zheng, K. Kurpiewsk and A. Dömling
"The isocyanide SN2 reaction",
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 14, iss. 1, pp. 5807, 2023.
IF = 14.919
B. Mallada, M. Ondráček, M. Lamanec, A. Gallardo, A. Jiménez-Martín, B. de la Torre, P. Hobza and P. Jelínek
"Visualization of π-hole in molecules by means of Kelvin probe force microscopy",
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 14, iss. 1, pp. 4954, 2023.
IF = 14.919
A. Cheruvathoor Poulose, M. Medveď, V. R. Bakuru, A. Sharma, D. Singh, S. B. Kalidindi, H. Bares, M. Otyepka, K. Jayaramulu, A. Bakandritsos and R. Zbořil
"Acidic graphene organocatalyst for the superior transformation of wastes into high-added-value chemicals",
NATURE COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 14, article no. 1373, 2023.
IF = 14.919
J. Lawrence, A. Berdonces-Layunta, S. Edalatmanesh, J. Castro-Esteban, T. Wang, A. Jimenez-Martin, B. de la Torre, R. Castrillo-Bodero, P. Angulo-Portugal, M. S. G. Mohammed, A. Matěj, M. Vilas-Varela, F. Schiller, M. Corso, P. Jelinek, D. Peña and D. G. de Oteyza
"Circumventing the stability problems of graphene nanoribbon zigzag edges",
NATURE CHEMISTRY, vol. 14, iss. 12, pp. 1451-1458, 2022.
IF = 24.427
V. G. Chandrashekhar, T. Senthamarai, R. G. Kadam, O. Malina, J. Kašlík, R. Zbořil, M. B. Gawande, R. V. Jagadeesh and M. Beller
"Silica-supported Fe/Fe–O nanoparticles for the catalytic hydrogenation of nitriles to amines in the presence of aluminium additives",
NATURE CATALYSIS, vol. 5, iss. 1, pp. 20-29, 2022.
IF = 41.813

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Programme: European Union
Implementation period: 06/2023-05/2027
Funding: 844 793 EUR (UP)

Programme: European Union
Implementation period: 07/2023-06/2028
Funding: 356 260 EUR (UP)

Programme: European Union
Implementation period: 02/2023-01/2028
Funding: 2 499 062 EUR

Programme: European Union
Implementation period: 11/2022-10/2025
Funding: 757 000 EUR (UP)

Programme: European Union
Implementation period: 01/2022-08/2025
Funding: ~2 485 700 EUR

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