Post-doc researcher position in the field of: Graphene Derivatives and other Advanced Materials towards Applications - Catrin

Post-doc researcher position in the field of: Graphene Derivatives and other Advanced Materials towards Applications

The Regional Centre of Advanced Technologies and Materials (RCPTM) is a scientific and research center part of Czech Advanced Technology and Research Institute (CATRIN), Palacký University, Olomouc in Czech Republic.

We announce the opening of a new position for scientists experienced in the field of (nano)materials with focus on the synthesis and applications of graphene and its derivatives.

The research program:

The position is connected to the HORIZON RIA Project “2D-BioPAD; Supple Graphene Bio-Platform for point-of-care early detection and monitoring of Alzheimer’s Disease”. The successful candidate will be at the forefront of designing and producing functional graphenes and Janus graphenes. These materials will  be integrated with substrates and conjugated with (bio)molecules. The candidate will interact with the consortium partners and work towards tuning the properties and successful integration of the graphene derivatives in diagnostic devices with the goal of improving their performance. The synthesized materials will be thoroughly characterized with miscellaneous in-house techniques and tested in electrochemical set-ups. The applicant will become part of a focused and motivated international team with state-of-the-art equipment (see

The successful applicant will:

  • Lead the design and synthesis of advanced materials, with a primary focus on graphene derivatives.
  •  Conduct thorough screening and testing of prepared graphene derivatives and hybrid materials in alignment with the mentioned applications.
  •  Collaborate seamlessly with RCPTM and project consortium members.
  •  Actively participate in meetings, share findings, and contribute to reports compilation.
  •  Demonstrate excellence in manuscript writing.


The applicants must hold a PhD in the fields of chemistry, materials science, chemical engineering or relevant.

Other Information:

RCPTM employees join in Social Insurance (Health insurance, Employee’s pension insurance, and Employment insurance). The salary will be discussed during the interview process. Performance-based bonus apply.

Submit an application-motivation letter and curriculum vitae:


2 recommendation Letters will be requested when a candidate is in the final selection stage (i.e. after the interview).

Submission deadline: September 15

Selected applicants will be invited for an on-line interview. The positions will be filled when the appropriate applicants are identified.

All applications are considered, but we often cannot respond to each one. We often can only reply to those individuals we seek to set up an interview with.

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Posted date
August 22, 2023