A dogma associated with plant hormones rebutted - Catrin

A dogma associated with plant hormones rebutted

Knowledge about the mechanism of action of plant hormones has been significantly changed by research, in which scientists working at CATRIN participated together with colleagues from Palacký University and other research institutions from Czech Republic as well as from abroad. Using fluorescently labeled cytokinin, they have shown that the receptors for these plant hormones, which are essential for triggering molecular-biological processes in the plant, are also found on the cell surface. They also learned under what circumstances this happens and in what pathways the receptors move from the inside of the cell to its surface and vice versa. The age-old dogma that these receptors need to be sought only inside cells has thus been rebut)ted. Cytokinins are among the key hormones that are absolutely necessary for the growth and development of plants and their adaptation to adverse environmental conditions. A closer understanding of their regulatory role can help, among other things, in the development of growth regulators derived from these hormones and technologies useful in sustainable agricultur.


Martina Šaradínová
March 31, 2021