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Article in New Biotechnology the most cited paper

The authors of article Phytohormones and polyamines regulate plant stress responses by altering GABA pathway received a very favorable report these days from the editorial board of New Biotechnology journal. Due to great interest from the professional public, the paper has become the most cited work of the past two years in this official journal of the European Federation of Biotechnology.

 „Your article has been cited 49 times since its publication and downloaded in 3969 cases. This means that it is the most cited article in the last two years,“ the journal’s editor informed the authors.

 According to the authors from the Department of Chemical Biology and Genetics, this is a review article describing possible links between the effect of phytohormones and polyamines in regulating the response of plants to stress through modulation of γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) metabolism.

 „We are very pleased with this report, especially when the article, probably due to its originality, struggled with initial disinterest from reputable journals,“ said the article’s corresponding author Nuria De Diego.

Martina Šaradínová
December 28, 2020