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Memorandum intends to contribute to the development of bioeconomy

A memorandum of partnership to support the development of bioeconomy through promising technologies was signed in early February by representatives of the Platform for Bioeconomy of the Czech Republic and the Czech Regional Branch Office of the European Federation of Biotechnology (EFB). The partners intend to develop further cooperation under the auspices of the Czech Advanced Technology Research Institute – CATRIN.

“Our goal is to intensify cooperation and contribute to application of new technologies important for the social and economic development of the Czech Republic. We are pushing for a gradual transition to renewable natural resources, including bioenergy based on non-fossil fuels. We want to work for sustainable development in all areas of life, for improving the environment and also to protect the health of the population and ensure food sufficiency,” said one of its signatories, EFB Vice President and CRH Director Ivo Frébort.

According to Miroslav Hájek, Chairman of the Platform for the Bioeconomy of the Czech Republic, the established partnership will strengthen joint efforts in support of bioeconomic goals. “At the same time, it will support the coordination of expert teams and the awareness of experts and the general public about activities related to the bioeconomy. In addition, the partnership with international institutions confirms the inclusion of the Czech Republic among the states with a clear vision of renewable biological resources in the future development of society,” confirmed Hájek.

The partners intend to achieve these goals through a range of educational and professional activities. Knowledge of new biotechnologies in particular will play a crucial role. Their possible applications will become part of the professional discussion and other follow-up activities. “We will also seek and inform about examples of good practice, support stays of students and experts abroad, and actively participate in educational events, workshops, conferences and meetings with practitioners. The aim is to increase social awareness, especially about the contribution of biotechnology to the development of bioeconomy,” said Michaela Holecová, representative of the Czech RBO of EFB and Platform for bioeconomy of the Czech Republic.

According to the parties, the set objectives of the memorandum are in line with European Union’s Green Deal and the Global Climate Agreement.

Martina Šaradínová
February 18, 2021