Registration for online conference EFB2021 now open - Catrin

Registration for online conference EFB2021 now open

This year’s largest conference of the European federation of Biotechnology (EFB) will be held in the online environment. It will take place from May 10-14 under the name EFB2021 with participation of important personalities of science and research, the commercial sphere as well as public institutions. Interested parties may register by March 21.

“Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the traditional European Congress on Biotechnology, originally scheduled for 2020 in Maastricht, will not be held until May of next year. That is why we have decided to organize a video conference, which will also be an opportunity to present the individual divisions of EFB created as a result of the recent reorganization. Each of them will be in charge of one program section, including plenary lectures. The conference will also include a poster section,” said Ivo Frébort, Vice President of EFB and Director of the Centre of the Region Haná for Biotechnological and Agricultural Research (CRH).

The European Federation of Biotechnology, a non-profit organization of national biotechnology societies, scientific societies and institutes, universities, biotechnology companies and individuals, currently has seven divisions. The newly created division called Plants, Agriculture and Food, managed by Ivo Frébort, is one of them. The guarantor of the program section dedicated to this division is its vice-chairman Sebastian Wendeborn. He also played a significant role in creating the scientific program of the Green for Good V: Plant Biotechnology conference, which took place in Olomouc in 2019.

The keynote lecture entitled Feeding for Future will be given by Trish Malarkey of the Dutch company DSM. As well as her speech also the follow-up lectures of the section will focus on the issue of sustainable food production and the European Union’s Farm to Fork strategy. “The lecturers will look at these topics from the position of science, transfer into practice, and legislation,” added Michaela Holecová, who heads the Regional branch office of EFB in the Czech republic and is one of the four members of the conference’s organizing committee.

Other days of the conference will offer for example a section devoted to the progressive topic of bioeconomics, where among other things, the new Bioeconomy Journal will be presented, which, like New Biotechnology, belongs to the portfolio of journals published by EFB.

Detailed information about the conference is available at, where it is also possible to register. The conference brings an opportunity for young scientists and beginning biotechnologists, who can present their work in short flash posters.

Martina Šaradínová
March 3, 2021