Postdoctoral position in synthetic chemistry - Catrin

Postdoctoral position in synthetic chemistry

We are pleased to announce an immediate opening for a postdoctoral position, generously funded by the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF). This exciting opportunity is a collaborative project “Making CDK inhibitors work for pediatric cancer Original (no. 14712)”   between Alexander Dömling’s innovative chemistry group at Palacky University in Olomouc, Czechia, and the Jan-Molenaar group at the Princess Maxima Center in Utrecht recognized as the leading pediatric oncology hospital in Europe.

We are seeking a qualified candidate with expertise in synthetic chemistry, a solid academic and/or industrial background in medicinal chemistry, a collaborative spirit, and a keen interest in contributing to the synthesis of novel PROTACs and E3 ligase binders. The position is for up to three years.

The candidate will work in the Innovative chemistry group at Palacky University, Czechia.

Interested candidates are encouraged to apply by contacting Please enter the name of the project in the subject of the email.

Your application is welcomed and appreciated. Thank you for considering this exciting opportunity.

Agency: KWF – Dutch Cancer Society

Project title: Making CDK inhibitors work for pediatric cancer Original (no. 14712)

Project leader: prof . Dr. Jan Molenaar

18. prosince 2023